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From poet to author…By Sunita SamarooCelebrating with the younger members of the familySelf-published author, Stephanie Bowry with her published piecesOne day, you will be no more. For most, the mere thought that their final hour will come is terrifying enough to leave them confused as to the strides they will take in life. Death may have no hour,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, but one person, an author, is certain that even when she ceases to breathe she will live on.Stephanie Bowry is doing everything she can to ensure her love for literature goes on, even when she cannot.Much has changed since she was featured as ‘Special Person’ in December 2011. Then the 68-year-old had published three anthologies, but now has three books published, and is looking to produce two more.At the time of that interview, Bowry had just concluded working on a book of 16 Short Stories, ‘True-True Stories Volume 1 2011’, a spin-off of true stories of various persons whom she met over the years.That book has now been published, with the third volume hitting local shelves last year.Her first book, ‘A Splendid Dozen’, a book of poems for children, was self-published in 2000 after a friend, Bernadette Persaud, encouraged her to start publishing her poems. Another anthology, ‘Esteemed’ was published a little later on, followed by ‘Departing Leave a Star’.The latter anthology was compiled in memory of two of Guyana’s former presidents, Linden Forbes Sampson Burnham and Dr. Cheddi Jagan, who both died while in office.INSPIRATIONBowry spoke fondly of how she has expanded her cap from being a self-published poet to now being recognised as an author, three times over. This form of writing, she admitted, came later on in her life.She recalled her grandchildren rushing to her lap, begging to hear tales of ‘Anansi’ and the ‘jumbies’ – well-known characters of Guyanese fiction. Having grown quiet accustomed to the eager eyes of children pushing to hear these tales, Bowry said one day she asked her grandchildren “I wonder what y’al’ gon do when I die?”She went on to say “It then dawned on me that I should write my stories, so my grandchildren can always have them: even when I am gone.” And so she started writing books.“It wasn’t easy writing,” the author remarked, as she added that there are days she would constantly edit her work simply because she changed her mind on as little as a word.But Bowry’s love for Literature was founded decades ago. She told Kaieteur News that her evenings as a little lady were spent sitting quietly beside her mother, listening keenly as the words that rolled off the older woman’s tongue painted vivid pictures of worlds unknown and people,Wholesale NBA Jerseys, intriguing yet very far away.For the little girl, hearing the various tones and watching the facial expressions her mother made as she recited epics, bards, odes and sonnets, using nothing but memory, had become ritual.Perhaps unwittingly, Duchess Thomas was preparing her youngest child for something more. From her mother’s nightly ritual that was shared with her siblings, Stephanie discovered a love for poetry and short stories that lasted.LEAVING HER MARKStephanie has touched the lives of many, having worked with the Mayor and Town Council in New Amsterdam up until her retirement in 2001. She served in the Security (Constabulary), Personnel and Treasurer’s Departments over her 21 years in public service.Later,Cheap NFL Jerseys, she worked at a popular Corentyne, Berbice private school and another in New Amsterdam, sharing her love for Literature everywhere she went.The author also spent a few years working with Comforting Hearts, a New Amsterdam based-non-governmental organization (NGO) that takes a hands-on approach to tackling HIV and HIV-related issues.Over the years, she had spent time reading stories for children during the then National Library’s popular Story Telling time. Eager children, Bowry recalls, flocked her, pushing for their book-choice to be read.“In those days, it was a big thing, because the children were not totally out of reading like they are now. Children used to go to the library and they knew Friday afternoons were for storytelling. They used to come to the library. If you go to the library now you can count the children using one hand, that’s how bad it is,” she remarked disdainfully.For years, the Symthfield, New Amsterdam resident worked with the nearby prison promoting literacy. There she learnt of the nature of human beings: they are people in need of love and understanding.“I learned from life that love is the greatest thing to take you out of any situation, to end any bad situation and to put you on higher ground. Just love somebody. Life taught me that it is not worthwhile to be proud, just be humble. God gave his breath to the rich man and the poor and when we die, no matter what our status was, the worms will eat you just like they would eat me.“Just be happy, live normal, live humble and be happy. Find time to be happy, find time to be joyful. You don’t have to look far for it, it is right inside of you; bring it out and laugh. Find time to be kind; find time to give somebody a smile. Don’t go along with presumed ideas: don’t assume anything,” she shared.THE ROAD LESS TRAVELLEDFor New Amsterdam residents, it was no strange thing spotting Stephanie riding her bicycle, promoting her published work. It was an unexpected journey for her.“There are some great people in this world,NFL Jerseys China,” she said, reflecting on the journey she took to becoming a published author. Years ago, during a performance at Castellani House, Georgetown, she was encouraged by a stranger, now her dear friend, Bernadette Persaud, to publish her poems.That meeting led her on the path to becoming a self-published author. They approached Persaud’s friend, Jean Skeete, who readily agreed to help her type her books.“Jean sat down and she typed ‘A Splendid Dozen’ for me without taking a cent,” she reflected. Her first book was later printed at a local agency.“I was still at work at Town Hall when it was published. I remember I sold most of them right there at the counter,” Stephanie remarked. The early push from Bernadette and Jean, was enough for the author to continue with the self-publishing of her works.These days, the distribution of her work is proving to be quite a challenge as she advances in age.“The first and second volumes were good because I was strong. I would jump on my bicycle and offer my books for sale and people would buy, but I got sick last year and I am no longer able to jump on the bicycle and do these miracles,” she said.Bowry has already compiled two manuscripts of works she intends to publish. The story of Lilawattie, a seven-year-old girl, who was sacrificed at Stanleytown in 1950,Wholesale Jerseys, is one story the author intends to share.That is a story she was being called on by residents to pen.“LOVE SAVED MY LIFE”But what has kept her going for all these years? Stephanie says it has not always been a garden of roses. For years, she was in the “wilderness”, but love saved her.“He is 60-years-old and I will soon be 69. It’s really an eight-year difference based on the months. It doesn’t matter; he is the best thing that ever happened to me,” the author said as her eyes lit up and she beamed.The author was drawn to veteran Berbice footballer Kenrick Bowry almost instantly, when they were both employed in New Amsterdam’s Mayor and Town Council’s Office. Both had tied the knot before,NFL Jerseys Cheap, but by 1985 they were taking another shot at love.“There was a time in my life that I was invisible,” Stephanie admitted, as she added that Kenrick soon changed that.“He helped me to come out of the wilderness. It is a strange thing. We think we know a lot, but we don’t even know one thing. Sometimes we need somebody to love us completely. Sometimes, all the ‘Beauty and the Beast’ and ‘Sleeping Beauty’ stories have some mystical truth in them, because I needed somebody to love me completely, and when I was loved completely, it gave me some courage to face the world.”Soon, everyone noticed the change. “They didn’t know what saved me, but I knew. I knew it was this feeling of love. I just knew I was loved and it did something to me. I don’t know what was responsible for it, but it made a great change in me, and I thank God for that,” the author added.At the time, she already had five sons from her first marriage – Dwayne, Graham, Richard, Anderson and Mark – then along came Colin from her union with Kenrick. These days, Stephanie is kept busy by her 22 grandchildren, and four great-grandchildren.Her second marriage, she insists, paved the way for deeper self-discovery.>>>>>>Picture saved in Sunday as Stephanie Bowry (1)Caption: Self-published author, Stephanie Bowry with her published piecesPicture saved in Sunday as Stephanie Bowry (2)Caption: Celebrating with the younger members of the family
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